Michael Fullan: What’s worth fighting for in principalship – Ch 1.

Problematic change forces:

  • Initiativitis. Continuous, disconnected interventions.
  • High stakes vulnerability: Turnaround policies depend heavily on external control: a new principal, a plethora of reporting requirements, external consultants and so forth… The pressure of probation and the stigma of being labelled "low performing" have most teachers running scared and good teachers running (to greener pastures)… compliance is superficial and short-term- punitive measures do not install the will for continuous high performance. One-sided, anxiety-producing pressures, says Minthrop, are sometimes avoided with exit, "particularly when exit options are abundant, which they are for the more talented teachers". Precisely the opposite must happen: "The best teachers must be incentivised to work on the worst problems."
  • Managerial diversion. Strategic direction first, paperwork second.
  • Unfit for purpose. Principals will not meet the demands placed on them if they believe they are in schools roughly similar to those they began their careers in.

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