What students say about bullying


Responding to bullying, what students try, and how well it works

  • 73% Pretend it didn’t bother me.
  • 67% Told a friend
  • 66% Told the person to stop
  • 66% Walked away
  • 58% Reminded myself it is not my fault
  • 49% Told an adult at home
  • 47% Did nothing
  • 42% Made a joke about it
  • 38% Told the person how it made me feel
  • 32% Told an adult at school
  • 27% Made plans about how I was going to get them back
  • 20% Hit of fought them

[[Schools can’t be very effective if we’re third to bottom in this list.]]

Least effective strategies? Trying to handle it yourself
Somewhat more effective? Putting responsibility where it belongs
Most effective? Seeking help from others.

What can schools do?

  • Seek staff and student input in developing rules, expectations and consequences
  • Build a school-wide framework of nurturing, warm relationships
  • With student input, develop procedures for staff to follow when witnessing or hearing about specific negative student behaviours
  • When possible, use smaller, consistent consequences instead of large consequences
  • Support student reporting by making retaliation for ‘telling’ a serious issue.

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