Michael Fullan: What’s worth fighting for in Principalship

Leading knowledgeably:

  • Opening the black box of instruction
  • Pursuing the precision quest.
  • Linking the results: compare yourself with i) yourself (starting point), ii) other schools, and iii) external benchmarks.
  • Develop a culture of improvement. Precision of practice and transparency of practice and its connection to results. Learning is the work.
  • Learning during performance:
    • Identify critical knowledge
    • Transfer knowledge using job instruction
    • Verify learning and success.
  • Transformational leadership three time less effective than 'instructional or pedagogical leadership'

Leading learning communities:

  • "'School improvement is most surely and thoroughly achieved when teachers engage in frequent, continuous and increasingly concrete talk about teaching practices… build up a shared language.. capable of distinguishing one practice and it's virtue from another" (Little)

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