From Bud to Boss- notes from chapter 3


Leadership is: complex, an action, a responsibility, an opportunity
Leadership isn’t: management, a title or position, a power grab, a gift from birth.

Keys to a successful transition
Talk to your boss

  • it shows your commitment
  • it elicits support
  • it builds positive momentum
  • determine their expectations
  • get a common description of success
  • talk about your role
  • ask about their experience
  • build a schedule of ongoing conversations

Talk with your team:

  • define success
  • set goals
  • define control and influence
  • focus on things in the players’ control
  • acknowledge the transition
  • talk about the changing relationships
  • talk about your role
  • talk about your expectations of them
  • ask them about their expectations of you
  • ask for their help and patience

Talk to yourself:

  • your world is changing and you must change with it
  • you won’t get it right first time (or every time)
  • you need to be patient with yourself
  • you can succeed

Determine your strengths

  • think about past successes
  • think about what others tell you
  • ask people what they think
  • consider a 360 review
  • make a list of strengths
  • refer to it often
  • balance your efforts (between strengths and weaknesses)

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