Skillshare: The Penny conference (Kio Stark: The Myth of Independent Learning)

Problems with school:

  • No autonomoy
  • Passive learning
  • No room to fail.

School is not the problem; it's just that there is a lack of alternatives.
It's not about fixing school; change culture.
Independent learning is a lie.
It's not auto-didactic learning- we always learn with/from others.
Learning is social, learning is something we do like others
If you want to learn, you need to join a community
What are learning communities:

  • NYC Resistor (hackerspace) If you want to learn how to do something, join a hackerspace
  • GenSpace (DIY Biospace)
  • Stackoverflow (programmers sharing code)
  • Less wrong (community researching the psychology of rationality)

Build infrastructure for collaborative learning.
We need lots of experiments because a lot of them will fail.
New infrastructure for collaborative learning:

We still need university; we need them open.
Open courseware sites like:

  • MITx
  • Udacity

…are a poor alternative to true collaboration.

Join a community and share what you know.

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