TED: Don Tapscott

The internet is a opening up the world: it’s a great machine that we all programme when we use it.
The Global Economic Crisis has opened up the world: GFC is a burning platform.

The four principles of the Open World:

  • Collaboration. Boundaries of organisations are becoming more porous. Goldcorp Challenge. Conventional wisdom is that talent is inside. Some of the best submissions were from outside the industry. An ‘agora’: an open market.
  • Transparency: communication of pertinent information to stakeholders. Sunlight is
  • Sharing: giving up assets: intellectual property. IBM gave software to the FOSS movement and it turned into a multi-billion dollar payoff. Sharing creates a rising tide that lifts all boats.
  • Empowerment: knowledge and intelligence is power. Distribution of knowledge leads to distribution of power. The open world leads to more distributed power.

The open world is bringing empowerful and freedom. The arc of history is a positive one and it is towards openness. From the church and nobility in the middle ages through to today. Gutenberg press is crucial in this.
The age of networked intelligence.

Finishes with some great footage of starlings in flight. A flock of starlings is called a murmeration. It is made up of individuals all working together. Leadership but no one leader. Strength in collaboration. Strength in unity. Similar to the Arab spring.


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