Crowdsource Your Performance Review: HBR

Why is it more effective? Because it's organic and in real time. Recognition is something that comes naturally to employees ??? they want to recognize their peers for great work. When the crowdsourcing concept is applied this way, co-workers and peers can identify and reward desired behaviors and cultural attributes through unsolicited recognition, as they happen. And unlike 360 degree reviews, which require specific colleagues to provide a formal, forced review of an individual, crowdsourcing is inspired peer-to-peer performance feedback. This stream of recognition, which often appears in internal social newsfeeds, provides timely, measurable insights into your talent, top influencers and performers.

Here are five ways crowdsourced feedback and recognition can help business leaders and managers:

  1. Capture achievements throughout the year.
  2. Widen the input circle beyond a single point of failure.
  3. Use inspiration, not obligation.
  4. Expand accountability for reputations and careers.
  5. Empower employees to create a performance mosaic.

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