How to survive the shift into [leadership]

Some great advice from on how to survive the transition into [leadership*], translated to work for schools:

  • Build a plan to drive the overall strategy for your team and its role achieving the school's vision
  • Tuning everyone???s workload so that your team delivers on the most important priorities
  • Ensuring that there is alignment of your team, peers and managers
  • Assessing your organization???s fitness for what it needs to do, and making changes, training, and/or upgrading talent where necessary
  • Creating systems and frameworks to execute, track, and measuring the work so that you feel comfortable that you know what???s getting done without getting mired in specifics
  • Supporting your team members in becoming better leaders themselves by promoting continuous learning
  • Finding ways to steadily reduce the cost (in $ and time) of things you do every year to make room for new approaches
  • Improving communication and relationships inside and outside your direct organization
  • Making connections outside your direct organization to generate positive visibility for your team and create a broader base of support
  • Finding senior-level mentors who can advise you on how to raise your focus

* They talk about management, but we're really talking about leadership here.

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