TED.com Andreas Schleicher: Use data to build better schools

High performing PISA schools:

  • Are in societies that place a high value on education
  • Realise all children are capable of success. Not segregated early on; this leads to strong social disparities. There is a parental expectation that every students will achieve. Students in USA = "If I’m talented in it. I’ll succeed." Japan = "If I work hard at it."
  • Embrace diversity with differentiated pedagogical practice. Ordinary students have extraordinary talents and teachers personalise learning opportunities.
  • Clear and ambitious standards across the system. Every student knows what matters, is required to be successful
  • Very careful in recruiting, selecting and training. They watch how they work with teachers who are struggling.
  • Careful about the structure teacher pay. Teachers work together to frame good practice. Intelligent pathways for teacher to grow.
  • Clear, ambitious standards but also every student knows what is required of them to meet those standards.
  • Moving from delivered wisdom > user-generated wisdom
  • From administrative forms of accountability to professional forms of work organisation. Enable teachers to make innovations in pedagogy and provide development they need to develop better pedagogical practice.
  • Make teachers and principals inventive.
  • Every school succeeds. Success is systemic. Strongest principals and best teachers are attracted to the most difficult schools.
  • They also have coherent policy over a period of time.

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