Caine’s Arcade – YouTube

Used this video at the Emerging Leaders’ Summit today. Every time I see it, I get emotional about the following:

  • ‘E is for everybody’. Every child, regardless of whether they grow up in East L.A. or Te Atatu, deserves to have their talents nurtured and embraced.
  • This kid is covering curriculum objectives that a lot of countries haven’t even thought of yet.
  • It took one person to make a difference in this kid’s life. Teachers are incredibly privileged to be able to do this every day. EVERY day. When was the last time you changed a life like this? Could you do it tomorrow?

Caine’s Arcade – YouTube.


  1. You are right you can’t help but get emotional when you watch this video.Here’s an interesting thought as teachers we have the opportunity to make such a difference…how many times do we really do this and be a part of thinking outside the box? What was really special was the partnerships. Learning is about partnerships. We don’t own the learning as teachers any more. Just look at the power of sharing and the potential impact on other learners through fostering parterships…E is for everyone!

    • Thanks for your comment Nicky. I love stories like this that remind us of the emotional side of teaching. It’s great to remember that every child is the most precious thing to their parents. It’s a great honour for them to choose to involve us in their children’s lives; anda great responsibility for us to live up to.

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