The power of the home/school partnership

Given how important parents are, we perhaps shouldn’t be surprised by this headline: “Parenting More Important Than School: The Effect of Parental Involvement In Academic Achievement” but what I do find surprising is the conclusion that ‘the evidence is clear: parenting is more important than schooling for academic achievement.’ That flies in the face of too much evidence on the importance of the teacher in academic achievement.

What I DO take from this infographic is a reminder that it’s the school’s responsibility to ensure the home/school partnership is a meaningful partnership and not (largely negative) one-way traffic. I also take form this a reminder that it is as much an equity issue as anything: children from low SES backgrounds are disproportionately affected by a lack of parental advocacy in the school system. If parents don’t feel comfortable engaging with school (possibly because school was a less-than-thrilling experience for them) it’s OUR responsibility to work within that partnership for the best outcomes for the kid. It’s not acceptable to write off a kid’s chances because the school and the parents can’t get things together.

An Infographic by Open Colleges

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