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Category: A Dangerous Thing

Anything that is dangerous to the status quo.

Why Real Innovation Comes From Powerful Pairs |

“Joshua Wolf Shenk’s new book out this week, Powers of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs, which, drawing on academic research, historical evidence, and original reportage, he explores what makes creative partnerships tick, from a foundation of trust to a spark that ignites when two people are “as alike as identical twins and as unalike as complete strangers.” I spoke with Shenk about why the lone genius is a myth, creativity is inherently social, and what really makes co-founders turn on each other.” via Why Real Innovation Comes From Powerful Pairs… Read more Why Real Innovation Comes From Powerful Pairs |

What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? | MindShift

Many schools are wondering how to reposition their school libraries when their physical classroom environments change. Historically libraries have been storehouses (books and precious resources) and or sanctuaries (quiet, peaceful spaces). But as modern learning environments begin to offer both of these things (through access to digital and physical resources as well as a range of different learning settings including quiet study space) libraries need to offer something different: “Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. When librarian Joan Ackroyd arrived there four years ago, she found an environment very different from… Read more What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? | MindShift

9 Highly Effective Ways to Thrive in Chaotic Times |

“Though change is a constant in business and life, the world seems a bit crazier than usual right now. Here’s how to succeed even when the climate is at its most challenging.” Adopt fluid and situational hierarchies Value and foster communication skills throughout the organisation Operate with a high degree of internal transparency Solve problems by “letting a thousand flowers bloom”. Value and make use of improvisation Focus organisational learning on judgement, creativity and scenarios Define your organisation by its mission Invest heavily in knowledge workers Empower people doing work-… Read more 9 Highly Effective Ways to Thrive in Chaotic Times |

7 Common Traits Of Highly Creative People

“Creativity isn’t a talent. It’s a way of operating,” said John Cleese.We’re all creative beings at heart. It just so happens that some people are better at expressing that side than others. So here are 7 common traits found in highly creative people – and some advice on how you can be more creative yourself. via 7 Common Traits Of Highly Creative People.

How to Create a No-Fear Culture

“Nothing tanks workplace culture faster than fear. Researchers at Harvard Business School and Penn State found that fear in the modern workplace has reached epidemic levels, dissuading employees from speaking up and voicing important issues” Decrease fear in the workplace by: Rethinking entitlement (and power structures) Be a truth-seeker Limit the rulebook Measure systems, not people Find a feedback channel How to Create a No-Fear Culture |

5 Skills of Really Amazing Listeners |

“The following are actions shared by those who truly know how to listen. Integrate them into your conversational behaviour and you might be surprised what you learn: Be present. Turn down the inner voice. Hold up a mirror. Ask for clarification. 5. Establish follow-up.” via 5 Skills of Really Amazing Listeners |