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Category: A Dangerous Thing

Anything that is dangerous to the status quo.

Are You Leading… or Just Managing? | Lead on Purpose

Good questions about the difference between management and leadership. Both are necessary, but a sure path to disaster is to think you’re leading when you’re actually managing. Here’s a helpful reminder: managing is about things, processes and procedures; leadership is about people, vision and development. Are You Leading… or Just Managing? | Lead on Purpose.

Building culture/New staff induction

Working with a school at the moment on hiring staff and culture building has given me cause to pull together some ideas on features of effective induction: Model the organisation’s values: if you believe in lifelong learning, have people learn things; if you value collaboration, have people learn something together; if you value choice, let people have options. At the very least this gives you a chance to talk about what your values are; at most it allows people to see that practising what we preach is the way things… Read more Building culture/New staff induction