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John Hattie: Visible Learning | Chapter 9: The Contributions from Teaching Approaches Part 1

Notes from this chapter of John Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning‘ Exemplary schools who serve well students who have been struggling at school emphasise: The engagement of students in the learning process teacher articulating strategies of instruction and paying attention to learning theories, school buildings act as an infrastructure to support such instruction, teachers provide constant scaffolding and modelling, teachers attended to the day-to-day monitoring of students, teachers seeking feedback about their teaching while also being concerned with, making decisions about optimal challenging tasks to assign, and seeking insights from other professionals… Read more John Hattie: Visible Learning | Chapter 9: The Contributions from Teaching Approaches Part 1

Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky

Notes:Shirky connects the ‘gin craze’ in London in 1720s and television in modern society. Argues that both form an anaesthetic for the pressures of a burgeoning society. It wasn’t until society restructured around new urban realities that it subs…

Innovating Pedagogy Report

Ideas about innovative pedagogy from the Open UniversityNew pedagogy for e-books: Innovative ways of teaching and learning with next-generation e-books Publisher-led short courses: Publishers producing commercial short courses for leisure and prof…

LeadershipNow 140: September 2012 Compilation

Here are a selection of tweets from September 2012 that you might have missed:   @davidrock101: 3 ways to think deeply at work.     10 unexpected ways to show your staff that you value them by @mjasmus     World’s top brands of 2012     The Process is as Important as the Product: 7 Tips to Manage Both by @JesseLynStoner     The Power of Genuine Commitment by @TimElmore     @_robin_sharma: Key: We don’t procrastinate because we’re busy. We procrastinate because we’re scared.     “Assuming responsibility… Read more LeadershipNow 140: September 2012 Compilation