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Category: Professional Learning Opportunities

These are workshops, presentations and keynotes I’ve been running lately. If you’d like more information, send an email to and I’ll tell you more about the benefits to your staff and students.

Developing a Coherent Vision

I recently ran this workshop: “Making decisions is easy once you know what you values are” – Roy Disney This school visioning workshop starts with who our learners are, and asks ‘What should we be doing now, in order to equip them as well as we can for the world beyond our door?’ It draws heavily on individuals’ stories, metaphors and images, and works towards building a consistent, coherent school vision that is broad enough to encompass all learners and practical enough for everyone to begin working towards tomorrow. At… Read more Developing a Coherent Vision

Why eLearning?

I recently ran this workshop: When we look at the impact that just a couple of things (mobile phones and broadband internet) have had on the world in the last five years, we can quickly see schools need to rapidly evolve what they do in order to remain relevant. Not only can our students now learn anything anywhere, we as teachers have available to us an unprecedented set of tools to allow students to do things with what they are learning. This workshop looks at the latest research on powerful… Read more Why eLearning?

Google Tools for Learning

I recently ran this workshop: Starting with research into what makes a difference in the classroom, in this workshop I take a bunch of Google tools and show you how to use them to create powerful learning experiences for students. Explore the power of feedback, collaborative learning, creative and critical thinking, literacy, reflection and more through the lens of the Google Apps suite. [All staff | hands-on workshop | half or whole day ] To enquire about this workshop for your school or cluster email Mark

Google Tools Masterclass

I recently ran this workshop: This workshop really steps things up a notch. Taking our guide from research into how teachers can use computers to raise achievement, we really put the Google Apps for Education suite through its paces. We’ll be tweaking and discovering hidden features that really push what’s possible with GAFE. [ ICT lead teachers or confident users of Google Apps | Hands-on workshop | Half or whole day ] To enquire about this workshop for your school or cluster email Mark

Planning for success with BYOD

I recently ran this workshop: At what stage are you, in your planning for your BYOD programme? This workshop will provide a step-by-step planning matrix for your BYOD implementation. Participants will leave with an understanding of the essentials for creating an effective BYOD school. [Leaders with responsibility for planning BYOD | interactive presentation | two hours ] To enquire about this workshop for your school or cluster email Mark

Powerful Learning with Moodle

I recently ran this workshop: Drawing from the latest research into effective blended eLearning, this workshop starts with what we know about effective learning, then applies it specifically to the suite of tools that sit within Moodle. We tackle head-on the challenge of helping staff use the full richness of Moodle, rather than simply seeing it as a content repository. Rich-content aggregation is also a crucial part of this workshop and a wide range of powerful tools beyond Moodle will also be explored. [All staff or eLearning Leaders | hands-on… Read more Powerful Learning with Moodle

Leading Change in Schools

I recently ran this workshop: One of the biggest challenges around modern learning environment design is ensuring that everyone joins you on the journey. While recognising that all of our teachers are at different stages of the readiness continuum, there are a series of strategies that help to ensure everyone is engaged in the process and committed to making it work. [Middle & senior leaders | interactive workshop | half or whole day ] To enquire about this workshop for your school or cluster email Mark

Better Teachers Every Day | Teaching as Inquiry

I recently ran this workshop: One of the things that underpins all of our work in schools is an awareness that starting with student needs is paramount. Teaching as Inquiry is a powerful framework for i) identifying student learning needs, ii) identifying strategies most likely to make a difference, and ii) evaluating our own effectiveness in meeting those original learning needs. This session will look at practical, easy-to-use, classroom strategies for helping everyone become a better teacher every day. [All staff | workshop | two hours or half day ]… Read more Better Teachers Every Day | Teaching as Inquiry