Innovative Learning Environments

Osborne, M. (2019) Innovative Learning Environments

Our latest white paper exploring the research behind innovative learning environments (ILEs): how to design them so they are effective and put student learning needs at the centre of the process.

Download: Osborne, M. (2019) Innovative Learning Environments

Other resources:

One Page Introduction to ILEs Designed for sharing with parents and whānau, this one-page introduction explains the ‘why and how’ of innovative learning environments.

Team Norm Playing Cards

Team norms are essential to a high-functioning team. This game helps teams establish a set of norms by exploring a range of tricky scenarios.


Innovative Learning Environments Playing Cards

Find out how well your innovative learning environment meets the needs of learners with this fun and informative game. Perfect for teams to plan or evaluate their use of an ILE.


A Dangerous Thing

“A little learning is a dangerous thing” – Alexander Pope.

‘A Dangerous Thing’ is our twice-a-term email bulletin that contains a little learning on the latest in future-focused education, innovative learning practice and leadership. A mix of what’s hot, research summaries and quick tips.

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The Middle Leadership Manual*

Essential leadership concepts explored once a month. Each email will has a resource (around 5 mins reading/viewing time) and some reflection questions. We strongly recommend you discuss the resource and your reflections with a Professional Learning Group (PLG) made up of other middle leaders: face-to-face, via email or through online chat -whatever works for you. We’re sure you’ll learn as much from each other as you will from the resource.

*Actually we don’t believe there is a ‘manual’ for leadership. It’s different for every person, in every team and organisation, but we do believe that the more you grow your knowledge about some key leadership concepts, the more effective you’ll be as a leader.

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Did You Know?

Fortnightly emails with a couple of sentences about effective teaching and learning. Useful for pasting into school newsletters, emails, or Facebook feeds to help parents understand the research behind effective learning. Includes active learning, collaborative learning, peer tutoring, physical activity, revision and practice etc.

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Focus on the Future

What are the big trends impacting on education? This weekly email series pulls together a range of bite-sized videos, articles, graphics and readings to help parents think about how to prepare children for ‘their future; not our past’. Like ‘Did You Know?’ this is designed for pasting into school newsletters, emails, or Facebook feeds to help parents understand the drivers behind future-focused education.

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