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Modern Learning Environments | Learning Studios

This is a poster than pulls together a number of people’s thinking about how to arrange learning and spaces to develop dispositions and foster a student-centred, holistic, non-siloed curriculum. The renaissance idea of studios was centred around experienced ‘masters’ who taught students in the same place in which they created and produced their own work. Masters were teachers, learners and creators. And so were their students. Learning Studios Poster | CORE Education

Practical tools for maximising ako, collaboration and feedback

I recently ran this workshop: One of the most powerful tools for raising outcomes for students is feedback: teacher > student, student > teacher and student > student. Ako starts with knowing your learners and the strengths they bring into your classroom. This practical, hands-on workshop gets teachers building things using a wide range of tools. These tools can then be used to surface student strengths, then build on those strengths through ako, collaboration and feedback. [Whole school | hands-on workshop | 1/2 day ] To enquire about this workshop… Read more Practical tools for maximising ako, collaboration and feedback