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How a Bigger Purpose Can Motivate Students to Learn | MindShift

Can connection with a bigger purpose increase outcomes for learners? New research suggests it probably can. “A few years ago, psychologist David Yeager and his colleagues noticed something interesting while interviewing high school students in the San Francisco Bay Area about their hopes, dreams and life goals. It was no surprise that students often said that making money, attaining fame or pursuing a career that they enjoyed were important to them. But many of them also spoke of additionally wanting to make a positive impact on their community or society — such… Read more How a Bigger Purpose Can Motivate Students to Learn | MindShift

Visioning workshop

When exploring modern learning practice and environments, grounding innovation in a school’s vision and values is crucial. This half-day workshop takes schools through the process of clarifying what their educative purpose is, what beliefs about learning inform their practice and how they can use these to inform their daily teaching. “Making decisions is easy, once you know what your values are” -Roy Disney [ Whole school | hands-on workshop | 1/2 day ]