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The One Thing We Are Never Taught About Success |

“The one thing we’re not taught is how to keep ourselves passionate and engaged, which leads to success, with the work that we do. Entrepreneurs have an innate ability to create this for themselves–the problem is figuring out how to help those that don’t and need to be taught when building a team.” via The One Thing We Are Never Taught About Success |

7 Ways to Put Your People First

“Being the boss means being busy, so busy that you run the very real risk of overlooking the most important thing in your [organisation] –your people. Setting goals and issuing instructions is not enough. Neither is a relentless focus on your [students]. Yes, they matter–a lot–but to have happy [students] you need to happy [teachers]. To be at your best, both as a leader and as a person, you need to connect and sincerely communicate with your [teachers].”

Things You Must Give Employees

“As a leader, some of the most effective things you can do to develop and sustain motivated, energized employees cost little or nothing at all. Forget the employee-of-the-month award or the big holiday bonus; they have little lasting effect on positively motivating employees. Instead, focus on daily interactions. And be sure that you provide your employees with these five things.“

To Be a Great Leader, Be a Builder |

Engaging leaders are builders–builders of people and of results. To become an engaging leader, you should constantly be building connections and confidence in your team members. Accomplish this, and you’ll see an increase in effort and satisfaction levels among employees. Here’s how. via To Be a Great Leader, Be a Builder |