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Want Success? Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge Your Thinking

“Take a look at your own network. Are your contacts the same ones you’ve had for years? Are they all in the same industry? Do they share your point of view on most subjects? It’s time to shake things up and get uncomfortable. As a leader, it can be challenging to create an environment in which people will freely dissent and argue, but as  Amilya Antonetti says: “From confrontation comes brilliance.”

The Psychology of Messiness: How Disorder Can Make You More Creative

Second post in a week on the importance of messiness for creativity: “Last week, at the Yale School of Management’s Art, Mind + Markets conference, Kathleen Vohs, a marketing professor at the University of Minnesota with an extensive psychology background, gave a talk called “Effect of Visual Order on Creativity.” Her main point–which she and her colleagues have demonstrated in experiment after experiment–is that you get a creativity boost when you work in a messy space.” … but we should probably balance this against the importance of an orderly learning environment for learning.

Max Mckeown — Innovation? It’s a Cultural Thing.

“We were surprised to find,” the GE innovation champion said, “that it’s a cultural thing. You can’t have a process for everything. Some of this has to be felt, experienced, and embraced. Culturally and individually we have to find ways of making those changes seem necessary. So that people do things differently rather than simply making no mistakes” This is a great set of approaches to getting systems thinking right when it comes to creativity: Accepting Complexity Curiously Connecting Loving Diversity Embracing Uncertainty Sharing Power Ditching Dogma Doing What’s Right… Read more Max Mckeown — Innovation? It’s a Cultural Thing.

One Habit That Will Instantly Jumpstart Your Creativity

I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my creativity muscles, and I like this mental habit: “Force Connections Between Unrelated Things In short, success in the modern world means generating a lot of ideas quickly, which is something that doesn’t come naturally to most people. Fortunately, there’s a habit you can build that will immediately give your creativity a boost.”

Why Diverse Teams Create Better Work

+1 for inclusiveness, equity and diversity: “A diverse workplace might ultimately create better results, a new study suggests. The study, detailed by NPR, looks at the work of scientific researchers and finds that papers written by multicultural teams were cited in other research more often than those written by homogenous groups. In the world of research, citations are seen as a metric of quality. Ethnic diversity wasn’t the only harbinger of success. The same study also found that groups with members from geographic areas–perhaps three cities in the same country–also created… Read more Why Diverse Teams Create Better Work

How to Turn a Hunch Into Your Next Great Idea |

Create a pool of ideas and hunches. They might not be useful right now, but don’t let them slip away: “It goes like this: capture everything. Write down every thought, no matter how underdeveloped. And make the list in a Google document so that you can edit it wherever you are, Johnson said. Granted, this sounds absolutely no different from the lists that others create daily to supplement their memories. But the difference is that Johnson carves out time to look through the document in its entirety at least three… Read more How to Turn a Hunch Into Your Next Great Idea |