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Tag: creativity

Myths about creativity

“Since ancient times people have held the notion that there’s something mysterious, unpredictable, and even divine about where good ideas come from. But according to David Burkus, assistant professor of management at Oral Roberts University, today researchers are studying the heck out of creativity and much of what we think we know about the topic is just plain wrong.”

Is School Enough? Documentary Film Delves In | MindShift

Students at English High School in Boston helped pilot a social networking and planning tool called Community Planit. The online platform offers participants a series of missions, problems to solve and questions to answer about how the school district could improve and meet student needs better. As a player completes missions, he receives tokens to spend on the priorities he’d most like to see in school. The information and feedback then goes back to the district. via Is School Enough? Documentary Film Delves In | MindShift.

BYOD masterclass

I recently ran this workshop: This all-day, hands-on workshop for primary, intermediate and secondary looks at how to maximise learning in a BYOD class. Working from a base that is informed by research into effective learning and teaching using technology, we will cover a wide variety of collaborative, critical and creative tools that any teacher can begin using with classes tomorrow. We will cover some iPad apps, but the majority of the tools covered will be web-based and therefore accessible by anyone, from anywhere, with any device. [ eLearning leaders | hands-on… Read more BYOD masterclass

Is your classroom too quiet?

“Each of the groups was subjected to a different level of background noise (50 decibels, 70 decibels, 85 decibels, and total silence). When they scored each person’s test, the researchers found that those in the 70 decibel group, exposed to a moderate level of ambient noise, significantly out-performed those in the other three groups. The background noise boosted their creative thinking.” via