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How to Build a Culture of Candor

One of the enemies of an adaptive organisation is a low-candor; low confrontation culture. Some good suggestions here to build a culture that honours respectful, genuine questioning as a means of continual improvement: “What happens when you ask, during all-hands meetings, if there are any questions? If you hear crickets, see no hands, and can feel the tension of unsaid issues employees would love to blurt out, it may be time to change your culture.” How to Build a Culture of Candor |

Lessons from the Road: Build Culture Deliberately

“How do you build a culture? Most cultures are not just the accumulation of “human nature.” If that were true, then all corporate cultures would be the same. A company’s culture is the product of people’s shared experiences. The problem is, most of those experiences are not designed to create a deliberate culture. Instead, the result is an accidental culture. You have it in your power to create new experiences to build that deliberate culture.” Learn more: Lessons from the Road: Build Culture Deliberately.

Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters — K@W

“For some employees, a typical day at the office might begin with a barrage of work-related questions from impatient colleagues who have been awaiting their arrival. For others, it might start off with a series of cheerful greetings from co-workers, questions about how their family members are doing or perhaps an offer to grab a quick cup of coffee before the daily work deluge begins. According to Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade, there is reason to believe that the latter scenario — which illustrates what she refers to as “companionate… Read more Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters — K@W

How We are Convinced

Action Steps: Influencing others?  Ask more and talk less. Be patient and give people time to come to conclusions. Value your own experience in your decision making process. via How We are Convinced.

Things You Must Give Employees

“As a leader, some of the most effective things you can do to develop and sustain motivated, energized employees cost little or nothing at all. Forget the employee-of-the-month award or the big holiday bonus; they have little lasting effect on positively motivating employees. Instead, focus on daily interactions. And be sure that you provide your employees with these five things.“

Build an Amazing Culture

“Master Coach Jack Daly clearly defines culture as the unique personality of your company–the people, the environment, the “feel.” Great companies build it with intention, because, as Daly says: “You can’t fake culture.” Culture does more to bring great people in, keep them there, keep them happy, and keep them working longer and more productively than any other factor.“