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How to Make Faster Decisions

“There are two ways that [organisations] can come to a big decision. When an employee has a great idea, some [organisations] can turn it into action quickly. Others, however, need to turn the idea into a presentation, vote on it by committee, clear it with [senior leadership], subject it to focus groups, and take other time-consuming steps. If you can’t make a decision within a timely manner, something is wrong with you.” Here are two key steps that help you make faster decisions.

14 Surprising Things That Affect Your Willpower and Decision Making |

“As Baumeister details in his book Willpower: The Greatest Human Strength and a New York Times Magazine cover story, willpower and decision making are interconnected. The house you grew up in, the number of decisions you made today, and what your friends are doing, all affect your decisions in weird ways. Here’s a look at how.” Here’s one takeaway: we make better decisions in the morning because we feel stronger and have more will power. So if we’re wanting to work things in our favour, let’s adjust our diaries accordingly. via 14 Surprising Things That… Read more 14 Surprising Things That Affect Your Willpower and Decision Making |

How predictable is your leadership style?

How would your team answer? “This poll asks: How predictable is your leadership style? My team always knows what to expect from me and how I lead: 29% Most of the time I’m predictable, but I occasionally surprise people: 68% I’m mostly unpredictable, and my team reacts to my shifts in style: 1% I’m completely unpredictable, and my style is not clear to most others: 2% People don’t like surprises at work. Being predictable in how you lead enables your team to focus on their work rather than wondering how you’ll react… Read more How predictable is your leadership style?

How We are Convinced

Action Steps: Influencing others?  Ask more and talk less. Be patient and give people time to come to conclusions. Value your own experience in your decision making process. via How We are Convinced.

Want Success? Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge Your Thinking

“Take a look at your own network. Are your contacts the same ones you’ve had for years? Are they all in the same industry? Do they share your point of view on most subjects? It’s time to shake things up and get uncomfortable. As a leader, it can be challenging to create an environment in which people will freely dissent and argue, but as  Amilya Antonetti says: “From confrontation comes brilliance.”

Are You Always The Decider? That’s No Way to Grow

“Every day, you and the people who work for you need to make decisions. Many decisions. As the leader, you may take it upon yourself to make the most critical ones, but for the company to thrive you have to be sure that the people who work for you develop this essential skill. One of the best decisions you can make, therefore, is to decide to devote time to helping your team improve their decision-making. Here’s how.“