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Tag: equity

Why Diverse Teams Create Better Work

+1 for inclusiveness, equity and diversity: “A diverse workplace might ultimately create better results, a new study suggests. The study, detailed by NPR, looks at the work of scientific researchers and finds that papers written by multicultural teams were cited in other research more often than those written by homogenous groups. In the world of research, citations are seen as a metric of quality. Ethnic diversity wasn’t the only harbinger of success. The same study also found that groups with members from geographic areas–perhaps three cities in the same country–also created… Read more Why Diverse Teams Create Better Work

An Education in Equality

“The [10 minute preview of a forthcoming documentary] provides a glimpse of middle-class black life and how race reflects the lives of even the most privileged African-American students. It’s a story of the boys and their parents, as families confront the difficult task of raising confident young men in America.” It also contains a couple suggestions for how not to build partnerships with parents.