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Using Google For Education

46 Google tools to use for education. There are some real gems in here: “Google has changed the speed with which we gather information, giving us access to so much of it that sometimes we don’t know what to do with it. Because of this, it helps to know how to maneuver through popular tools as well as find and use some of the more obscure elements of Google. It’s even more important to know this in order to help us teach better and more effectively.” via Using Google For… Read more Using Google For Education

Meet Oppia, Google’s New Open Source Project That Allows Anyone To Create An Interactive Learning Experience

“In other words, Oppia works to improve the interactivity of the learning process by assuming the role of a mentor or teacher who asks questions of the learner. Then, based on how the learner responds to those questions, the teacher decides how to proceed, which questions to ask, how to give feedback and so on. In describing Oppia, Google says that one can think of it as a “smart feedback system,” which is an attempt to begin automating how we “teach a person to fish” — to use its example.”