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Tag: MLEs

Modern Learning Environments | Learning Studios

This is a poster than pulls together a number of people’s thinking about how to arrange learning and spaces to develop dispositions and foster a student-centred, holistic, non-siloed curriculum. The renaissance idea of studios was centred around experienced ‘masters’ who taught students in the same place in which they created and produced their own work. Masters were teachers, learners and creators. And so were their students. Learning Studios Poster | CORE Education

Creating 21st Century Learning Communities

When working with Modern Learning Environments, it take more than just a building to create a powerful learning community. Using just the variables of space, time and resources, this workshop looks at a series of case studies exploring how to create an ecosystem that aligns with, and draws from the strengths of, the school, local and global communities. Part ‘big picture’ visioning, part practical MLE strategies, this workshop zooms in and out to offer every opportunity to our learners. [All staff | Presentation | 1-1.5 hrs ]

Trends in Modern Learning Environments

I recently ran this workshop: Drawing together the latest thinking from around Aotearoa and the rest of the world, this is a showcase of i) the latest school architecture and ii) research into teaching and learning inside these new spaces. This is a visually rich, multimedia presentation, underpinned by sound research into effective pedagogy and curriculum. [All staff & students | presentation | Parts I & II, 60 minutes each] To enquire about this workshop for your school or cluster email Mark