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Tag: modern learning environments

What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? | MindShift

Many schools are wondering how to reposition their school libraries when their physical classroom environments change. Historically libraries have been storehouses (books and precious resources) and or sanctuaries (quiet, peaceful spaces). But as modern learning environments begin to offer both of these things (through access to digital and physical resources as well as a range of different learning settings including quiet study space) libraries need to offer something different: “Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. When librarian Joan Ackroyd arrived there four years ago, she found an environment very different from… Read more What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? | MindShift

The Psychology of Messiness: How Disorder Can Make You More Creative

Second post in a week on the importance of messiness for creativity: “Last week, at the Yale School of Management’s Art, Mind + Markets conference, Kathleen Vohs, a marketing professor at the University of Minnesota with an extensive psychology background, gave a talk called “Effect of Visual Order on Creativity.” Her main point–which she and her colleagues have demonstrated in experiment after experiment–is that you get a creativity boost when you work in a messy space.” … but we should probably balance this against the importance of an orderly learning environment for learning.

Modern Learning Environments | Learning Studios

This is a poster than pulls together a number of people’s thinking about how to arrange learning and spaces to develop dispositions and foster a student-centred, holistic, non-siloed curriculum. The renaissance idea of studios was centred around experienced ‘masters’ who taught students in the same place in which they created and produced their own work. Masters were teachers, learners and creators. And so were their students. Learning Studios Poster | CORE Education

MLE Matrix | CORE Education

Self-review tool Derek Wenmoth and I developed to help schools through the process of building MLEs. Checklist of questions reminds us that building and furniture are quite a long way down the list of important thing to consider. MLE Matrix | CORE Education.

Mary Featherston’s school designs | ArchitectureAU

“The principal challenge facing interior designers choosing to work in the emerging field of school interior design is to develop physical learning environments that strike an effective balance between purposeful design and flexibility. This article discusses the contribution of interior designer Mary Featherston’s school design practice towards achieving that balance.”

Modern Learning Environments for Parents

This interactive presentation to parents outlines some of the research and global trends that are seeing schools move toward MLEs. Covers the rapidly changing global landscape for jobs and employment, but also the trend towards dispositional learning reflected in the NZC and supported with the latest research into the brain and how we learn best. Turns out it’s not lined up in rows of desks! [Interactive workshop | Parents | 1 hour]