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Tag: planning

The Eisenhower Matrix: How to Choose What to Work On

“Former President Dwight Eisenhower lent his wisdom–and his name brand–to this model for dealing with the all-important practices of decision making and time management. Using the Eisenhower Matrix, pictured here, you can evaluate every decision on how to manage your time based on two elementary questions: (1) How important is it?, and (2) How urgent is it?”

Trends | Infographic: How to Implement Blended Learning 2.0 |

A great piece in this blog is the suggested process halfway down: Start with learning goals Decide on content and platforms Choose devices third. Often the temptation (with slick sales pitches, rabidly fanatic supporters on social media, and shiny, new/unproven devices) is to start at the bottom and work up. But that way madness lies. Trends | Infographic: How to Implement Blended Learning 2.0 |

MLE Matrix | CORE Education

Self-review tool Derek Wenmoth and I developed to help schools through the process of building MLEs. Checklist of questions reminds us that building and furniture are quite a long way down the list of important thing to consider. MLE Matrix | CORE Education.