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Tag: prioritising

7 Ways to Put Your People First

“Being the boss means being busy, so busy that you run the very real risk of overlooking the most important thing in your [organisation] –your people. Setting goals and issuing instructions is not enough. Neither is a relentless focus on your [students]. Yes, they matter–a lot–but to have happy [students] you need to happy [teachers]. To be at your best, both as a leader and as a person, you need to connect and sincerely communicate with your [teachers].”

The Eisenhower Matrix: How to Choose What to Work On

“Former President Dwight Eisenhower lent his wisdom–and his name brand–to this model for dealing with the all-important practices of decision making and time management. Using the Eisenhower Matrix, pictured here, you can evaluate every decision on how to manage your time based on two elementary questions: (1) How important is it?, and (2) How urgent is it?”

How to Write a Book In Your Spare Time

“Yes, that’s right, I said anyone. Even you. You have stories you want to tell. You have things you want to say. You are the only person on Earth who can tell others how you see the world, and you feel about a given subject, a particular theme or trope. Whether you’re a natural writer or in need some polish, you can write a book.” So what you’re saying is that it’s really about priorities? It’s not necessarily about writing books at all?