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Tag: professional learning

Modern Learning Environments for Parents

This interactive presentation to parents outlines some of the research and global trends that are seeing schools move toward MLEs. Covers the rapidly changing global landscape for jobs and employment, but also the trend towards dispositional learning reflected in the NZC and supported with the latest research into the brain and how we learn best. Turns out it’s not lined up in rows of desks! [Interactive workshop | Parents | 1 hour]

Better Teachers Every Day | Teaching as Inquiry

I recently ran this workshop: One of the things that underpins all of our work in schools is an awareness that starting with student needs is paramount. Teaching as Inquiry is a powerful framework for i) identifying student learning needs, ii) identifying strategies most likely to make a difference, and ii) evaluating our own effectiveness in meeting those original learning needs. This session will look at practical, easy-to-use, classroom strategies for helping everyone become a better teacher every day. [All staff | workshop | two hours or half day ]… Read more Better Teachers Every Day | Teaching as Inquiry