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Tag: project-based learning

One School Allowed Their Students To Design Their Own Curriculum. Here’s What Happened Next

This video has been around for a while, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth checking out: “It’s crazy that in a system that is mean to teach and help the youth, there is no voice from the youth at all.” This video is really about what can happen when teachers are committed to giving students agency over their learning. I wonder what students would come up with if we just asked them what they wanted to learn about the world. Shall we ask them? ttp://

Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Whatever They Want |

Great endorsement for student-led, project-based learning from business. “By letting your team do whatever they want, you’ll attract the best people with the best ideas. At the same time, the insights your employees gain through their creative projects will enhance their work on your organization’s core offerings. Most importantly, you’ll never have to worry that about what happens when the product or service on which you built your company becomes obsolete, because you’ll always have a string of new ones ready to take its place.
” Why You Should Let Your Employees… Read more Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Whatever They Want |

Caine’s Arcade – YouTube

Used this video at the Emerging Leaders’ Summit today. Every time I see it, I get emotional about the following: ‘E is for everybody’. Every child, regardless of whether they grow up in East L.A. or Te Atatu, deserves to have their talents nurtured and embraced. This kid is covering curriculum objectives that a lot of countries haven’t even thought of yet. It took one person to make a difference in this kid’s life. Teachers are incredibly privileged to be able to do this every day. EVERY day. When was… Read more Caine’s Arcade – YouTube