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What You Need to Know to Be a Great Manager

“The infographic below from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management outlines some of the other ways to ensure strong employee-boss relationships.” All the hot stuff is here: trust, relationships, diversity, listening, inspiration, fairness, patience… via What You Need to Know to Be a Great Manager Infographic |

11 Major Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

“There’s a certain class of mistakes that all educators can eliminate with conscious effort, and in this post we outline 11 of them. They range from habits of practice to habits of thought, but all of them have one important thing in common: they make your job harder.” Here’s one: via 11 Major Teaching Mistakes to Avoid – InformED :.

Never Forget Someone’s Name Again With This Memory Trick

“The solution to our forgetfulness? According to the course, our memory works best when we remember scenes and images. Our minds are “associate machines” so in order for you to remember something–like a name–you need to form your own association to it.” Good trick this one: Never Forget Someone’s Name Again With This Memory Trick

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

What sets emotionally intelligent people apart? Here are seven habits that people with high EI have: They focus on the positive They surround themselves with positive people They are able to set boundaries and be assertive when necessary They are forward thinking and willing to let go of the past They look for ways to make life more fun, happy, and interesting They choose how they expend their energy wisely Continually learning and growing towards independence Read: 7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters — K@W

“For some employees, a typical day at the office might begin with a barrage of work-related questions from impatient colleagues who have been awaiting their arrival. For others, it might start off with a series of cheerful greetings from co-workers, questions about how their family members are doing or perhaps an offer to grab a quick cup of coffee before the daily work deluge begins. According to Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade, there is reason to believe that the latter scenario — which illustrates what she refers to as “companionate… Read more Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters — K@W

Build an Amazing Culture

“Master Coach Jack Daly clearly defines culture as the unique personality of your company–the people, the environment, the “feel.” Great companies build it with intention, because, as Daly says: “You can’t fake culture.” Culture does more to bring great people in, keep them there, keep them happy, and keep them working longer and more productively than any other factor.“

3 Actions That Instantly Build Trust

“These might sound like soft responses, but they yield hard results, because these are three ingredients that determine whether people give discretionary effort–choosing to go above and beyond to help meet your team’s goals. Your door might be open, but for your team members to feel like you are open, try these trust-building actions the next time a team member needs to talk“