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Culture Comes First. The Rest Is Noise. |

“The most important thing in your business is not what you’re going to sell but what you value. That’s according to Bill Kanarick, chief marketing officer of global services company Sapient, who helped steered this former startup through the ups and downs of the digital age. Culture was so integral that when the company finally reached 49 employees, Sapient dedicated two of them to keeping it intact. Today, Sapient has a global workforce of more than 11,500 people and culture remains, as ever, an integral part of the business. Here are six values Sapient… Read more Culture Comes First. The Rest Is Noise. |

9 Ways to Win Employee Trust |

“If your employees trust you, they’ll go the proverbial extra mile but if they don’t, they’ll slack off, according to a recent survey by The Forum Corporation.  Therefore, building trust is the best way to get the most from your employees. Here’s how:” via 9 Ways to Win Employee Trust |

6 Ways To Raise Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

“People who function at a high rate of emotional intelligence have the ability to adjust their behaviors and are more effective at recognizing and managing their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.  Ergo, emotional intelligence equals interpersonal effectiveness.” via 6 Ways To Raise Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

8 Ways to Boost your Emotional Intelligence

Studies by Daniel Goleman… confirmed that a person’s IQ is only responsible for 10 to 20 percent of an individual’s career success. That means there’s hope for everyone. Now you have the answer to those times you’ve asked yourself, “How could someone so brilliant be so stupid when it comes to working with people?” To be a great leader, it helps to have a strong IQ, but it helps even more to have a high EQ. via 8 Ways to Boost your Emotional Intelligence.