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Tag: strategy

One Step At a Time | The Principal of Change

Even when systems-thinking, often we still need to eat the elephant one bit at a time. Here’s a great anecdote about Will Smith and the power of doing things one step at a time: “When Will was a 12-year-old kid, his dad gave him an impossible task: rebuild the brick wall in front of his business. It took Will and his little brother a year-and-a-half, but they built the wall.How did a couple of little kids build a big brick wall? Will explains, “You don’t try to build a wall.… Read more One Step At a Time | The Principal of Change

How to Set Strategy From the Outside In

Essentially an article about business strategy, but this set of questions is a great jumping off point for strategic planning for schools: “…rather than ask what we are good at…you ask who are our customers? What else do they need? And then you say we are going to give that to them regardless of whether we have the skills to do so…” Start from the outside in.