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Why Real Innovation Comes From Powerful Pairs

Some interesting ideas around the power of creative pairs/teams and what is required to make them work: “Joshua Wolf Shenk’s new book out this week, Powers of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs, draws on academic research, historical evidence, and original reportage, to explore what makes creative partnerships tick, from a foundation of trust to a spark that ignites when two people are “as alike as identical twins and as unalike as complete strangers.” via Why Real Innovation Comes From Powerful Pairs |

Facebook VP of Engineering on Solving Hard Things Early

This is a nice article about the importance of start-ups solving hard problems early (spoiler alert: the hard problems are all about people and teams, nothing to do with products or services). Although it’s ostensibly about start-ups, I think every organisation needs to constantly follow these three recommendations. Every year, ask yourself if you’re doing these three things: Build management and organizational structures around the strengths your company needs to succeed. Recognize and plan for the weaknesses that you know are inherent in the structures you pick. Build great habits around communication… Read more Facebook VP of Engineering on Solving Hard Things Early

How to Make Good Decisions as a Team |

“Let’s face it, most groups and teams are highly ineffective at making good quality decisions consistently, repeatedly, and without stress. There’s something about putting a bunch of people together–however competent they may be individually–that generates redundancy, friction and confusion.” Here’s a suggestion for a four step process to help teams make good decisions… via How to Make Good Decisions as a Team |