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Tag: user-centred design

Design Thinking workshop

I recently ran this workshop: Design thinking is a powerful tool that educators can use to ensure the interventions they develop are meeting the needs of the students in front of them. This workshop is immersive and experiential and takes staff through the process of unpacking a problem, creatively developing solutions, testing, iterating and improving that solution. Think like a designer to become a better teacher. [ Whole school | hands-on workshop | 1/2 day ] To enquire about this workshop for your school or cluster email Mark

Design Thinking

Putting the user (student, parent or teacher) at the heart of the design process is a critical part of developing solutions that work. Based on the Stanford School of Design’s research, this fun, fast-paced, hands-on workshop takes teachers through the process of identifying learner needs and constructing a solution tailored to meet those needs. The session plenary applies this thinking to the learning environments, curricula, assessment and pedagogy we use in schools, ensuring we’re centred on learner needs in everything we do. [All staff | hands-on workshop | 90 minutes]