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Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon

“Until recently we’ve only been able to speculate about story’s persuasive effects. But over the last several decades psychology has begun a serious study of how story affects the human mind. Results repeatedly show that our attitudes, fears, hopes, and values are strongly influenced by story. In fact, fiction seems to be more effective at changing beliefs than writing that is specifically designed to persuade through argument and evidence.” Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce.

Visioning workshop

When exploring modern learning practice and environments, grounding innovation in a school’s vision and values is crucial. This half-day workshop takes schools through the process of clarifying what their educative purpose is, what beliefs about learning inform their practice and how they can use these to inform their daily teaching. “Making decisions is easy, once you know what your values are” -Roy Disney [ Whole school | hands-on workshop | 1/2 day ]

MLE Matrix | CORE Education

Self-review tool Derek Wenmoth and I developed to help schools through the process of building MLEs. Checklist of questions reminds us that building and furniture are quite a long way down the list of important thing to consider. MLE Matrix | CORE Education.

Creating 21st Century Learning Communities

When working with Modern Learning Environments, it take more than just a building to create a powerful learning community. Using just the variables of space, time and resources, this workshop looks at a series of case studies exploring how to create an ecosystem that aligns with, and draws from the strengths of, the school, local and global communities. Part ‘big picture’ visioning, part practical MLE strategies, this workshop zooms in and out to offer every opportunity to our learners. [All staff | Presentation | 1-1.5 hrs ]

Developing a Coherent Vision

I recently ran this workshop: “Making decisions is easy once you know what you values are” – Roy Disney This school visioning workshop starts with who our learners are, and asks ‘What should we be doing now, in order to equip them as well as we can for the world beyond our door?’ It draws heavily on individuals’ stories, metaphors and images, and works towards building a consistent, coherent school vision that is broad enough to encompass all learners and practical enough for everyone to begin working towards tomorrow. At… Read more Developing a Coherent Vision