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Why eLearning?

I recently ran this workshop: When we look at the impact that just a couple of things (mobile phones and broadband internet) have had on the world in the last five years, we can quickly see schools need to rapidly evolve what they do in order to remain relevant. Not only can our students now learn anything anywhere, we as teachers have available to us an unprecedented set of tools to allow students to do things with what they are learning. This workshop looks at the latest research on powerful… Read more Why eLearning?

Modern Learning Environments for Parents

This interactive presentation to parents outlines some of the research and global trends that are seeing schools move toward MLEs. Covers the rapidly changing global landscape for jobs and employment, but also the trend towards dispositional learning reflected in the NZC and supported with the latest research into the brain and how we learn best. Turns out it’s not lined up in rows of desks! [Interactive workshop | Parents | 1 hour]