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How to Turn a Hunch Into Your Next Great Idea |

Create a pool of ideas and hunches. They might not be useful right now, but don’t let them slip away: “It goes like this: capture everything. Write down every thought, no matter how underdeveloped. And make the list in a Google document so that you can edit it wherever you are, Johnson said. Granted, this sounds absolutely no different from the lists that others create daily to supplement their memories. But the difference is that Johnson carves out time to look through the document in its entirety at least three… Read more How to Turn a Hunch Into Your Next Great Idea |

How to Write a Book In Your Spare Time

“Yes, that’s right, I said anyone. Even you. You have stories you want to tell. You have things you want to say. You are the only person on Earth who can tell others how you see the world, and you feel about a given subject, a particular theme or trope. Whether you’re a natural writer or in need some polish, you can write a book.” So what you’re saying is that it’s really about priorities? It’s not necessarily about writing books at all?

10 Simple Rules For Good Writing

“Have you ever stopped and thought about the quality of your writing? Are you sure it’s considered to be good writing? Are you getting the right message across, or are your readers confused as to what you’re trying to accomplish?” Try these tips to be a better writer. via 10 Simple Rules For Good Writing.