Joanne Robson


Senior Consultant

Joanne joins Leading Learning as a highly experienced consultant, leader and educator with over 20 years teaching and leading at large schools in Auckland. Joanne works alongside leaders and teachers in an inclusive, responsive way. Her strengths include: effective communication; active listener; building relational trust; delivering high quality professional learning and development which is underpinned by current research; effective teams; appraisal; and coaching & mentoring. Joanne’s focus areas include: middle leadership, collaboration, future focused education, including learner agency, flexible learning environments and pedagogy, innovation, and personalisation. Joanne works seamlessly through all areas/levels of the school organisation, including Early Childhood Education.

As an Expert Partner, Joanne works with Kāhui Ako to support and work alongside the Lead Principal, ASLs and ISLs, and other key stakeholders, to ensure equity and excellence for all. Joanne is a lifelong learner, avid reader, and highly professional. Joanne is well regarded in her profession, with proven ability to empower educators and leaders. She continues to research and publish academically, ensuring we are all preparing our learners for their future.


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