Susan Arrowsmith


Susan has worked as an educator in the UK, Bermuda, Malaysia and NZ, teaching, leading and consulting, for over 20 years.  Her strengths lie in relationship building and developing leadership capacity at all levels of a school, from students to Principals, to across school partnerships. She has been facilitating Coaching for Educational Leadership, including 1:1 coaching, in NZ schools for over a decade. As a PLD facilitator, Susan believes in providing an individualised programme to challenge and meet the learning needs of all participants, identifying, nurturing, sharing and celebrating the values, passions and strengths of each individual to build a stronger community of learning.

Susan has a keen interest in student-centred learning and has conducted research in curriculum integration in New Zealand secondary schools. Susan has supported the establishment, review and re-design of several integrated programmes from the primary level through to senior secondary. She has seen the transformational effect on student outcomes when educators are guided to take carefully calculated risks in curriculum design and delivery. Susan has proven expertise in this area and has been instrumental in helping schools make informed change at a pace that suits all stakeholders.

Susan is passionate about staff wellbeing and is working alongside schools to encourage critical reflection at an individual, team and organisational level in order to develop personalised programmes that ensure staff wellbeing needs are being effectively monitored and addressed. She ensures that all PLD is relevant and tailored to the specific needs of each school, so that each member has the opportunity to grow.


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